Monthly Archives: April 2017

Comes Now, RubyTest

For a long time now, I’ve been working on automated testing for legacy software (or legacy features of evolving software).

It’s been an education.

The thing is, a new feature should be developed with a test-first strategy that uses assertions.  And a failed assertion should be repaired immediately.

But for a legacy feature, automated testing will reveal a number of low-severity bugs that will not be fixed anytime soon.  That’s why detailed logging and a detailed changes report are paramount.

So now I’ve founded a new GitHub project, RubyTest, that will make available, as working software, much of what I’ve learned.

The beginning is modest — just a logger, a few helpers, and their tests.  (Yes, the framework itself gets thorough testing.)

Next, I think, will be a simple REST client example that uses the endpoints at  This will be the opportunity to show how the framework will handle endpoints, data objects, and verdicts.

Much more to come.