And a Very Useful Warning, Indeed

I wrote yesterday about the warnings I’ve been getting from RubyMine, and my eliminating them.

RubyMine warns when it cannot find the definition of a method. I got many of these warnings for methods that are defined dynamically, at runtime, instead of statically.

At first I thought I might leave the code as-is, because if a method really is not defined, there will be a runtime error when it’s time to call it. But then I realized that there are two important consquences: RubyMine will not be able to perform either code completion or code navigation for an ‘unfound’ method.

This is important to me, because I want someone writing test code to get as much help as possible from the tools. If RubyMine can’t do code completion for a method, the programmer will have to know outright the name (and correct spelling) of the method he wants.

That will not do. So I’ve changed my code so that RubyMine now finds the definitions, and can do both code completion and code navigation.

Thanks, RubyMine!


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