Getting Better

I’ve written about getting to be a better tester. Just this week, I’ve had occasion to consider this for myself.

Most of my work is about coding tests. But now I’ll be helping to implement some of the test harness: how the tests will run concurrently on multiple machines, and how the results will be gathered and reported.

This work is on Windows, and so an obvious need is for batch files to control the testing and reporting. I’ve never liked Windows’ cmd.exe, which I find to be clunky — difficult to write as well as difficult to read.

So. I’ll be looking into doing this work with Windows PowerShell. Friday I received from my new copy of Windows PowerShell Cookbook.

I’ve chosen the cookbook over other language documentation because I want to get to work quickly. This will give me a small footprint in this new (to me) language, and I can build on it later.

After completing this work, I’ll know some things about Windows PowerShell, and so I’ll be a better tester!


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