Getting Better

Exploratory-testing evangelist Jon Bach once told me this:

  • Only one tester in ten that he’s interviewed claims to do anything at all toward professional improvement.

One way to become a better tester is to write.

Writing is the occasion for a serious review of your thinking. When you write, you learn — even if no one reads what you’ve written.

I’ve recently been documenting the architecture of the Coded UI Test apparatus I’m building. In doing so, I’ve found several refinements that were easy to implement, and were definite improvements.

Long years ago, a friend and I started making notes toward a book about debugging software (there were no good debugging books then). It changed the way we wrote code. Among other things, we did far more “defensive” coding.

Writing posts for this blog also clarifies my thinking. As a bonus, readers may have something helpful to contribute. (See here).


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