Initial Post

This blog will mostly be about testing software, but I’ll likely go off topic from time to time.

At first, I’ll mostly be blogging about the work I’m doing right now, which is building test automation.  My language for this work is C#, and my test framework is Visual Studio (Premium or Ultimate only) Coded UI Test, which I’ll call  by the unattractive but shorter name, CUIT.  My test target is a web application.  CUIT also supports testing Windows applications, which I may also be doing soon.

I am building what some people have been calling “hand coded” CUITs.  That is, I am not using record/playback (or even record), and I am not using CUIT’s UI maps.  (Now that’s hand-coded!)

Soon I’ll be writing about exactly what I’m doing, as well as how and why.

Burdette Lamar


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